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My Story

How I Began and Where I'm Headed

I'm going to be real with you....there was a time when I felt completely uninspired, frustrated, and utterly lost. It was like I was a jigsaw puzzle missing that one crucial piece. Something just didn't feel right. To top it off, I was dealing with health issues, anxiety, and depression, trying to find some semblance of balance amidst the chaos called life. It was a struggle, a delicate dance between work, health, sanity, and well, just surviving. To make matters worse, I found myself trapped in a job that felt like a nightmare. I was being bullied, stuck in a toxic environment that sucked the life out of me. Every night, I would cry, dreading the thought of facing another day. I felt like an outsider, out of sync with their culture. I yearned for an escape, desperate to break free from the shackles that held me back. But alas, I stayed put, enduring the misery because my family needed the financial stability. I was miserable, isolated, and secretly longing for someone to rescue me from this never-ending nightmare.

But you know what they say, the universe has a wicked sense of humour. And boy, did it give me a good smack in the face. One day, I collapsed and ended up in the hospital. It was a wake-up call, a clear sign that I had ignored the signals my body and mind were desperately trying to send me. I had burned out in the most spectacular fashion, and the road to recovery stretched out before me.

As years went by, I nursed my wounds and found my way back to the corporate world. However, the scars of my past experiences remained etched deep within. While juggling a demanding job and raising a young family, I found solace in alternative healing methods. You see, since I was a little girl, I've always been fascinated by the spiritual side of things. I wanted to be a white witch and had an affinity for all things woo woo. So, I dove into learning Reiki, studying mediumship, and reignited my love affair with the mystical.But here's the thing—even as a senior leader, I hesitated to express that side of myself at work. Deep down, I feared judgment and ridicule, so I buried my authentic self. With every step forward in my career, I hid my true passions, denying who I truly was.


Yet, as I dug deeper within myself, something remarkable happened. I started to regain my strength and rediscover the person I was before my burnout episode. Fast forward several decades, and here I stand. Yes, I still face life-changing health issues, and bad days are not uncommon. But the difference now is that I wholeheartedly accept myself, flaws and all, with unconditional love and compassion. I've acquired skills that keep me balanced, healthy, and grounded. Looking back, I'm grateful for the challenges I faced because they shaped the incredible life I have now, a life filled with purpose and a newfound sense of self.


Now, let me be honest...this journey wasn't a walk in the park. It took action, relentless self-talk, courage, and unwavering commitment. It meant carving out precious time to invest in myself, which wasn't always easy. But let me tell you, every single effort was worth it. And now, I extend an invitation to you, to embark on your own transformative journey. It won't be effortless, but it will be the most rewarding decision you make.


So, are you ready to reclaim your authenticity, embrace your passions, and find your own balance? The choice is yours. Together, let's embark on a path of self-discovery and create a life that truly reflects who you are.

Love and Hugs!




As well as working with private clients, Samantha is Co-Host of The Wednesday Woo Woo Show Podcast and Founder and Happiness Director at Kuutch Ltd, a conscious wellness culture consultancy powered by Heart, Mind and Soul.  Working with businesses and the corporate world to create joyful cultures that enable people to flourish.


A strong belief in the power of a holistic ‘person centred’ approach to Wellbeing. Samantha is passionate about supporting people to belong and have purpose and balance, whether on a personal or professional level, helping them to create lasting change for a more fulfilled and happier life. 


Samantha has held senior leadership roles across public/private and creative industries and has extensive experience in leading and managing teams across a number of project and operational disciplines. Along with private clients, she has partnered with companies such as Dyson and Princes Trust to coach people at all corporate levels and has worked in partnership with both execs, senior management and high performing teams to build wellness cultures, wellbeing strategies, mental health operating models, coaching programmes and holistic support services

The Important

Diploma in Professional Coaching (ATCP), Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice, Certificate in Career Coaching Practice (CCCP), Certificate in Coaching for Wellness, Positive Psychology (Advanced PPM/Foundation PPM), Meditation Teacher (DipBSoM) Reiki Level 2, Emotional Intelligence Insights (EIP3) accredited, Physical and Mental Health First Aid


Samantha is a member of the Uk Reiki Federation and British School of Meditation. 

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