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My Story

How I Began and Where I'm Headed

Let me share a piece of my ongoing journey—a story that's still unfolding. There was a time when I felt completely lost, battling frustration and self-doubt, wondering why others seemed to succeed while I struggled. I was often called "too nice," constantly prioritising others' needs over my own, even when it didn't sit right. I'd raise my hand to help, only to later question why I agreed. This habit led to neglecting self-care, finding comfort in food, and occasionally turning to an extra glass of wine. My willpower wavered, and there was always something else that seemed more urgent, a habit that persists even now.

Now, onto this ongoing journey. Early in my career, it was a challenging ride, dealing with health issues, wrestling with anxiety, and facing moments of deep sadness. Work became an unbearable place, I felt trapped in a toxic environment, constantly battling feelings of worthlessness. Tears were a nightly occurrence, longing for an escape from this never-ending struggle. I felt tied to providing for my family, stuck in a lonely cycle, yearning for someone to rescue me. The universe, with its twists, intervened abruptly. A collapse landed me in the hospital, a clear sign that I had ignored my body and mind's cries for help. Burnout had taken over, signalling a long road to recovery.

As time and years went on, I found my way back to work, but the scars from the past lingered. Juggling a demanding job and family life, I found comfort in alternative healing practices. I've always been intrigued by spirituality, drawn to Reiki and mysticism. Despite holding a senior role, I kept this side of me hidden, fearing judgment, and buried my true self.

But amidst this exploration, a transformation sparked within. I began reclaiming my strength, slowly rediscovering the person I was before the burnout. Several decades later, here I am. Yes, health challenges persist, and tough days still arise, but I've learned to embrace myself with unconditional love and compassion. I've started taking responsibility for my well-being, putting myself first. It's an ongoing process, requiring constant action, relentless self-talk, courage, and commitment. Every effort propels me towards the person I continue to become, a life filled with purpose and a steady sense of self.

I am still a student, this journey remains a work in progress, marked by continuous growth and constant reflection. It demands time, dedication, and an investment in myself that isn't always easy. Even now the self destructive behaviours remain. But trust me, every step forward has been worth it. I am learning that to change I have to take responsibility. And now, I extend an invitation to join me on this ongoing path.

Are you ready to reclaim your authenticity, embrace your passions, and take responsibility for yourself? The choice is yours. Let's walk this path of self-discovery together, navigating the ongoing journey of crafting a life that truly reflects who you are.

Love and Hugs!




As well as working with private clients, Samantha is Co-Host of The Wednesday Woo Woo Show Podcast and Founder and Happiness Director at Kuutch Ltd, a conscious wellness culture consultancy powered by Heart, Mind and Soul.  Working with businesses and the corporate world to create joyful cultures that enable people to flourish.


A strong belief in the power of a holistic ‘person centred’ approach to Wellbeing. Samantha is passionate about supporting people to belong and have purpose and balance, whether on a personal or professional level, helping them to create lasting change for a more fulfilled and happier life. 


Samantha has held senior leadership roles across public/private and creative industries and has extensive experience in leading and managing teams across a number of project and operational disciplines. Along with private clients, she has partnered with companies such as Dyson and Princes Trust to coach people at all corporate levels and has worked in partnership with both execs, senior management and high performing teams to build wellness cultures, wellbeing strategies, mental health operating models, coaching programmes and holistic support services

The Important

Diploma in Professional Coaching (ATCP), Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice, Certificate in Career Coaching Practice (CCCP), Certificate in Coaching for Wellness, Positive Psychology (Advanced PPM/Foundation PPM), Meditation Teacher (DipBSoM) Reiki Level 2, Emotional Intelligence Insights (EIP3) accredited, Physical and Mental Health First Aid


Samantha is a member of the Uk Reiki Federation and British School of Meditation. 

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