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Monthly Women's 'Wellbeing Circle' 

Coming 2024
Last wednesday of every month
Goldney House, Chipping Sodbury | 7-9pm


Looking to nourish your mind, body, and spirit this year?

Longing to enhance your overall wellbeing, reconnect with your inner wisdom, and step into a more confident, empowered version of yourself? 


Imagine being part of a supportive community of like-minded women, where you can uplift and empower each other in a safe and encouraging space.


Your search ends here!

Welcome to the Goldney Women's Wellbeing Circle, a monthly sanctuary where you can dive deep into the essence of your being through meditation, journaling, heartfelt conversations, and soulful connections.


Each monthly gathering will commence with a guided meditation, helping you quiet the noise and tap into your intuition. As we open our journals, we'll reflect on our experiences, examine our thoughts, and discover effective ways to navigate the emotional and mental ebbs and flows of life.


But this circle is not just about going inward; it's about coming together in a spirit of sharing and connection. We'll openly and authentically discuss our journeys, exchanging experiences, insights, and heartfelt support.


Join me as we cultivate a remarkable sisterhood of women, each on her own unique path of personal and spiritual growth. And who knows, if there's enough interest, we might even invite inspiring guest speakers to share their wisdom, followed by some delightful social time to chat and enjoy a cup of tea.


Mark your calendar—sessions are held on the last Wednesday of every month, from 7 to 9 p.m. Please bring a warm blanket, your favorite journal, and dress comfortably for this cozy yoga mat-based gathering.


I am beyond excited to welcome you into this transformative circle of sisterhood and self-discovery.


Additional Information:

This circle is a space where everyone is welcome, embracing inclusivity and belonging. If you have limited mobility, rest assured that Goldney House provides accessibility through a chairlift. While the sessions are yoga mat-based, chairs are also available for your comfort.


Before booking your spot, please take a moment to ensure that you resonate

with the guiding principles outlined below.

See you soon!

Sam xx


Circle principles to help you decide if this circle is right for you:

The essence of our circle lies in creating a space where each woman's voice is heard, her thoughts and feelings acknowledged, and her experiences validated. It's through this powerful exchange of sharing and listening that the magic of a women's circle unfolds. As we open ourselves up to others' stories, we gain new perspectives and deeper self-awareness, empowering us to take the necessary steps towards our own health and happiness.


In the circle, we all come together as equals, both teachers and students. While I facilitate the sessions and share insights I've gathered, the structure is not meant to be a classroom setting. Instead, it's a space where empathy reigns and judgment is set aside. When the tendency to judge arises, we pause and approach our thoughts and emotions with curiosity and an open heart.


Every woman deserves to be heard, seen, and accepted for who she is. It is not our role to provide advice, fix others, question, or criticise. Our privilege is in listening, expressing appreciation, and

offering support in whatever way is needed.


Circles inherently provide a safe environment for personal growth, healing, and upliftment. Whenever possible, we adopt a trauma-informed approach. However, please note that I am neither a doctor nor a mental health professional. If you have any concerns about your physical or mental well-being, or if you anticipate triggers, kindly inform me in advance. Should I become concerned about your health or your participation in the circle, I may ask you to leave and help you find appropriate assistance. By attending the sessions, you affirm that you are attending voluntarily and assume responsibility for any health-related matters that may arise.


Respecting the sanctity of our circle and each woman's time, punctuality is crucial. While unforeseen circumstances can arise, please be aware that every session begins with a grounding and protective meditation, and latecomers may need to wait outside until it concludes. In such cases, I am unable to extend the session or provide a refund.


Securing a spot in our circle follows a first-come, first-served basis. Fairness is paramount, and admission is based on the order of bookings. As our circle takes place in a third-party venue, I reserve the right to request your departure and withhold a refund if your behaviour makes others uncomfortable or if you fail to adhere to the health and safety

regulations mandated by the venue.


Confidentiality is vital to fostering trust within our circle. By joining us, you agree that any personal information or stories shared during our sessions shall remain strictly confidential and will not be

disclosed to anyone outside of the circle.


Connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to stay connected and receive updates about our circle.


Thank you for being a part of this sacred space where women come together to nurture their souls and support one another on their unique journeys of growth and transformation.

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