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Brands I love working with

I'm excited to share with you some of the incredible brands that I have a deep connection with. It's important to note that when you make a purchase through the links below, I receive a small commission. However, I want to assure you that I only promote and recommend brands that I genuinely love and personally use in my own life and meditation classes.


By supporting these brands, you not only contribute to the sustainability of my work, but also get to experience the exceptional products and services they offer. Your trust and satisfaction mean the world to me, and I completely understand if you prefer to make your purchases directly without using the links provided.


Here are some of the brands that have captured my heart:

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Advanced Relaxation Program

Synctuition is an award-winning mindfulness/self discovery app that acts like a spa experience for the mind resulting in deep relaxation while cleansing your subconscious from all the negativity you accumulate during the day. The best part is, anyone can use it without needing any previous meditation or mindfulness experience, Just put on your headphones and close your eyes.I love this app as the 3D sounds are incredible, a truly relaxing experience. 

Out of all the meditation apps I have tried, this one is my definite 'go to' and I use it everyday. The 3D sound technology is amazing, it helps me sleep and when I use it in the mornings, it helps set me up for the day. according to Synctuition, it contains 13 000 amazing and beautiful sounds recorded in 2000 unique breathtaking places all over the world and took 10 years to develop. I'm not surprised as the sound journeys are  incredible and I just love it.


Soul Tonics and Aura Sprays

Holistic award winning crystal infused aromatherapy skincare, bath & body and fragrance collections, based upon energy attraction and positive thinking, contain only the finest natural and organic ingredients and are lovingly hand made with positive intention in the heart of the South Downs National Park, West Sussex. The beautiful colours of the glass bottles are linked to the body’s energy (chakra) system making the link between mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Within each of the product collections there are 8 unique tonics to choose from, all created with high quality oils, aromatherapy, powerful affirmations and potentised crystal, which add to the vibrational mix, culminating in a wonderful blend of beauty and positivity.

I just love the smells, each bottle has been hand-blended with love and positive intention and the aura sprays are used regularly in my meditation classes. Click the link for 10% off your first purchase using the code AFF10

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Meditation Supplies and More

Yogaclicks was created out of the founders love of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and everything they sell is made by yogis who’ve been similarly inspired by their love of these ancient practices, and their personal transformation, to create sustainable products for modern day mindful living. They offer the very best from recycled yoga mats to bamboo yoga clothing, sustainable meditation cushions, plant-based incense, mala necklaces to handmade lavender eye pillows. They personally know every single one of their makers, handpicking each one. why they created yoga products, what drove them to become yogi makers, where they get their products made and knowing that they take care of the people who make their products.

I love their ethos, the fact that they are a small business and their gorgeous jewellery, gifting products and meditation supplies. My particular favourite are the affirmation cards for Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Living by a 'Life More Inspired.' Gorgeous!

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