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Are you feeling exhausted, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. Have you fallen out of love with what you are doing?

Would you like to become you again?

If so let's chat!


I'm so pleased to meet you.

I'm a Life Coach, Meditation Teacher, Reiki and Wellness Practitioner, Corporate Wellness Consultant and Podcast Co-host at The Wednesday Woo Woo Show and I have the privilege of working with incredible professionals just like you. Let's face it, we're all feeling the weight of the pandemic and the toll it has taken on our lives and careers. The exhaustion is real. But here's the thing, I know deep down, you crave something more. You yearn for freedom, meaning, and purpose to infuse your days with a sense of fulfilment.

Life can be a whirlwind, can't it? Back to back meetings, barely a moment to catch your breath, and self-care? Well, that seems like a distant memory. Somewhere along the line, you've fallen out of love with the culture surrounding you. You're constantly navigating the demands of long hours, while trying to keep your home life from falling apart. It's like you're juggling a million plates, all while desperately trying to please everyone except yourself.

I get it. I've been in those shoes, feeling the weight of those responsibilities and the exhaustion that comes with it. Your hard work is undeniable, and your dedication to do something you love is just as fierce. But let me tell you something, I'm here for you. I genuinely understand what you're going through because I've experienced it firsthand.

 I hear you and I'd love to help.

Samantha x

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Are you having. . . . 

Sleepless nights, emotional turmoil, and an overwhelming sense of exhaustion ... sounds all too familiar, doesn't it? 

It's like you're trapped in a never-ending cycle of being stretched too thin. You don't even know where to begin because the to-do list seems never-ending, and the hours in a day are never enough.

Here's the painful truth: it feels like everyone else's needs take priority while your own desires remain buried beneath the weight of obligations.

Deep down, you long for a moment of respite, a chance to breathe without the constant dread of tomorrow's never-ending demands.

When someone asks how you're doing, you wish you could muster up the courage to say "great" instead of plastering on a fake smile and uttering the usual "fine." The truth is, you're yearning for change.

You find yourself endlessly scrolling through job adverts, searching the vast expanse of the internet for answers on how to break free, gain more freedom, and truly transform your life.

It's as if you're leading a double life! One person at home, where you let your guard down and the weight of it all brings you to tears. And another person in the office, wearing a game face to mask the turmoil within.

And even when you're home, the constant ping of incoming emails keeps you on edge, never allowing you to fully disconnect and find that elusive work/life balance.

Let's be honest ... the dislike for your current job has reached a boiling point. You find yourself daydreaming about winning the lottery, gleefully shouting "I quit" and leaving that soul-sucking environment behind in a heartbeat.

If any of this resonates with you, then rest assured you're in the right place.

It's time to break free from the chains that bind you, discover your true passions, and create a life that brings you genuine fulfillment and joy.

Together we will.. . . . .

Start by uncovering your unique strengths and understanding how leveraging them at work and home can bring you boundless joy.

We'll unveil your purpose, identify the type of work that aligns with your passions, and craft a life plan that sets you on a path of success.

But, we won't stop there. We'll delve into the fascinating world of self-care and well-being, exploring why it always seems to slip to the bottom of the never-ending to-do list.

We'll discover your own definition of self-care and equip you with practical strategies to prioritise it like never before.

Now, it's time to break free from your comfort zone and venture into uncharted territory. We'll push the boundaries and guide you towards a fulfilling career that brings out the best in you.

And guess what? Along the way, we'll navigate the realms of emotional health and triggers, ensuring you have the tools to avoid self-sabotage, whether it's through emotional eating or struggling to say no.

But wait, there's more! We'll unveil your secret arsenal of resilience and confidence, empowering you to overcome challenges with grace and tenacity.

Together, we'll blur the hazy line between work and home, crafting a balance that truly works for you.

So, if this sounds like your cup of tea (or coffee, no judgment here), let's team up and create a life that embraces freedom, flexibility, and a whole lot of meaning and purpose.

Sure, it'll take some curiosity and commitment, but I promise we'll share plenty of laughs along the way. Because life's too short to take it all too seriously!

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We want you to . . . .  

Rise and shine! Picture yourself leaping out of bed each morning, brimming with energy and ready to seize the day.

Imagine having the clarity to define what you truly want in life and the unwavering determination to chase after it with unbridled enthusiasm.

Feel the deep connection to your mind, body, and inner self, allowing you to effortlessly switch off and savour your precious moments outside of work.

Embrace the freedom to be your authentic, extraordinary self in the workplace, earning the trust and respect of your colleagues.

Visualise a career that ignites your passion, fuels your energy, and inspires you every single day.

Now, it's time to bid farewell to that pesky inner voice that whispers doubts and fears. Kick that self-limiting chatter to the curb and make decisions from a place of clarity and confidence.

Embrace a new level of self-belief and self-confidence that opens up a world of possibilities where anything becomes achievable.

Summon the courage to prioritise yourself and let your voice be heard, commanding attention and making a lasting impact.

Learn to switch off completely when you shut down that laptop, allowing your home life to flourish with joy and your presence to be fully felt.

Let's banish imposter syndrome, negative thinking, and fixed mindsets from your life's narrative. Replace them with a refreshing dose of positivity, happiness, and personal growth that propels you forward.

Reclaim your life with unwavering confidence, a sense of purpose, and a renewed zest for living. You've come to the right place to unearth the inner you, celebrate your uniqueness, and wholeheartedly love every facet of your being.

And, if you're itching for a career change or leave corporate land completely! I'm here to empower you with the confidence and courage to chase your dreams fearlessly.

Together, we'll make it happen!


“The most powerful relationship you will ever have
is the relationship with yourself.”

Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Listen closely to that inner voice of yours. It's telling you that self-care and life lessons are luxuries you simply don't have time for. All you're yearning for is that sweet relief of reaching the weekend or embarking on a well-deserved holiday.


But let's face the truth together. A mere few days of respite won't magically erase a lifetime of self-doubt and negative self-talk. Don't get me wrong, downtime is essential and delightful, but once you return to the grind, those familiar patterns and destructive habits creep back in.


When dissatisfaction seeps into our lives, we often mask it with the busy façade we wear as a badge of honour. We shove it aside, promising to deal with it tomorrow. Yet, more often than not, it finds its way to the surface, manifesting in unexpected ways (trust me, emotional eating was my chosen outlet).


So, here's the deal. Carving out time to explore your relationship with yourself isn't just crucial for your career, work-life balance, and setting healthy boundaries. It ripples into every corner of your existence, from your relationships to your well-being and, ultimately, your happiness.


Here's the thing, though: I can't tell you what's best for you. Only you possess that profound wisdom. However, what I can assure you is this ... you hold the power of choice. You could stay trapped in this cycle for months, even years, and continue pondering over it endlessly.


Or, right at this very moment, you can start placing yourself at the top of your priority list and take that bold leap forward.


It's your time to shine.

" Samantha is a great coach. She helped me at a very difficult time in my personal life to connect with my intuition and gain some important insights. This allowed me to make the right decisions for myself and have the courage to follow my heart. Thanks to her, I have transformed my life for the best. She was challenging but always in a kind way. I always felt safe in our sessions but leaving them with a strong desire to take actions and change things. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach!"

HR Business Partner

Ways to work with me

The possibilities for our collaboration are boundless! Here are some ways we can work together to ignite positive change and growth in your life. No matter which path you choose, rest assured that I'll be there to provide guidance, support, and encouragement every step of the way. 

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Life, executive, or career coaching: Whether you're seeking guidance in your personal life, professional endeavours, or finding the right career path, we will get you valuable insights and strategies to empower you along your journey.


Business support: If you're looking for assistance in your business, my company is here to help. We specialise in Wellbeing and can collaborate to develop strategies, overcome challenges, and unlock new opportunities for success.


Reiki sessions: Book a rejuvenating Reiki session to restore balance and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. Experience the healing energy and embrace a renewed sense of well-being at the beautiful Goldney House in Chipping Soddbury

Wellbeing Events

Join us on a transformative retreat or discover the power of collective learning and self-discovery by participating in my wellbeing workshops and meditation courses. Expand your knowledge, cultivate mindfulness, and embrace personal transformation.

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